Monthly Archives: July 2013

B is for Banana


Yup, that’s a plastic germ filled banana touching my son’s lips. Oh but the joy that filled that boys heart as he gathered his plastic fruit and places it into his plastic basket! Now take thatgerms. We took an empty Hump Day and drove north towards Oxnard to check out the children’s museum. Despite some negative Yelp reviews we weren’t deterred and ended up with a fun morning exploring the museum. I mean what little boy wouldn’t love a place he could run around, explore and touch everything?!. L’s favs were a submarine he could climb in, watch a toy choo choo set go round and round and going shopping/cooking at the play kitchen.

And what trip along the 101 is complete without a stop at In and Out? Boy helped me polish off some French fries, chocolate shake (I can still picture the bright eyes full of delight!) and grilled cheese. We watched more choo choos (or trucks) race along the freeway before slipping back into our car seat and crashing before we even made it up the Camarillo grade.

And besides a mama’s heart being filled with joy for a simple day out with her boy, a good time was had by all. Evidence? Cue a three and half hour nap. That like NEVER happens! Anyone who is a mama will know that a good loooonnnnng nap means (capital) f.u.n.