Sawyer: Month One


It seems like only yesterday we were welcome this new little human into the world. And while there are loads of things that are easier this time- nursing, using the 5 S’s, sleep (I say that as I hold me breath!); there a still a lot of things I have no memory how we dealt with them when Londyn was born. So I have often had to remind myself that they boys are two different people and therefore will inevitably like different things. Case in point:
Londyn loved being swaddled, easily took a pacifier and enjoyed long naps in the swing.
Sawyer on the other hand could give a crap about the pacifier, only likes the swing in small doses and prefers a sleep sack over his swaddle.

I’d forgotten how all consuming having a newborn is (although it is nice to go out to eat and not feel like I have to rush!). We had no idea what we were doing after Londyn was born and trusted our instincts and advice from other moms and dads over parenting books and stuff on the internet. In the over exhausted haze of caring for a newborn we’ve just gone with the flow of things this time, managing our plus one as best as we feel we can. There have been quite a few toddler tantrums, which were bound to happen either way, and far less “breaks” than when we just had Londyn.

We are somewhat settling into some sort of groove which means I can enjoy those daily snuggles on my chest that Londyn no longer has the patience for, watching Londyn gently (and sometimes not so gently) kiss and love on his brother or the quiet time (that doesn’t exist with an almost two year old) that belongs only to Sawyer and I.

From the looks of things Sawyer is going to be strong like his brother, but perhaps a bit more sensitive and needy. Londyn was okay with long naps in his swing or hanging out on a blanket with his black and white book. Sawyer likes to be held more and enjoys being in on the action, even if that just means hanging out on daddy’s shoulder while we are cooking in the kitchen. He loves resting on mama’s chest and prefers snuggling in bed over his bassinet in the bedroom.

We’ll be attempting some new sleep arrangements this coming month as mom preps to head back to work, visit the pumpkin patch for an annual photo op and pumpkin picking, trick or treat with a piece of sushi (S) and a train conductor (L) and partake in many things fall.

happy one month baby Sawyer!


One thought on “Sawyer: Month One

  1. lizziekvance says:

    Ahhhhh! So good! I love you guys so much.

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