Pumpkin Patch 2013

After a long night with big brother coughing and a trip to the minute clinic to get a diagnosis, we made it over the a pumpkin patch for some pictures with both boys. I’m assuming the net few years with photos will look something like this…(as I keep my fingers crossed that this afternoons Xmas card photo session goes well).





And when I look at these photos I hope I always hear his little voice yelling, “punpkiiiiin” over and over again. These are the parenting moments you live for folks.

Can’t wait to dress the boys for Halloween, although jake will be out of town traveling for work for the week. I think I’m most excited about Sawyer’s costume and Londyn running around the streets. Last year Londyn was barely walking (and falling all over the place) so it will be fun to see him run (literally!!) this year. Of coarse pictures will be posted. Hopefully we’ll get some cute ones…


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