sawyer: month two


We’ve seen many a smile around these parts and jam to music like nobody’s business too. He’s strong like his big bro, holding up his neck and head like a champ. I’m finally feeling like I’m able to manage the two boys by myself and not feel like I’m going batty. So we’ve settled into our new normal (just in time too!!) as I returned to work last week. I’m able to go and leave school two days a week to nurse so getting extra smooches and snuggles in makes those days pretty awesome.

This month I’m amazed at Sawyer’s growing awareness at the world around him, tracking mama around the room. It’s a whole new way to connect with this little man like he’s starting to be his own real person. Mamas you know what I mean.

Although there has been a whole lot of goodness around here lately, it’s been coupled with a traveling cold that brought down Londyn the week Jake was out of town, early wake up calls for work and lots (!!!) of laundry. The transition this has been better than expected since month one was such a doozy (said would much love of coarse).

Time seems slower this time around. Perhaps it’s knowing that my favorite Dino Jammies will be worn for the last time by one of my boys or that it’s our second time around. I think everyone should be a parent of at least times 2, it’s pretty awesome 😉


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